Unlocking the Secret Science of Motivation





Live classes will be held on Wednesday afternoons (California PST). Join us durring the live lecture for interactive lecture with question and answer options. Alternatively, following completion of each weekly lecture, the recorded lecture will be posted for on-live viewing at any time throughout the end of the class period.

Animal Training 101 parts 2/3: Motication and Practical Training: Unlocking the Secret Science of Motivation


10/18/17:  Drives, definitions understanding motivators, drive systems and emotions

10/25/17:  Forming behavior: reinforcement and rehearsal principles and schedules

11/1/17: Reducing behavior: punishment and prevention overview and principle

11/8/17: Desensitization techniques: Habituation, counter-conditioning, systematic desensitization and flooding

11/15/17: Other prevention strategies: Redirection (DRI, DRO, conditioned relaxation behavior momentum), increased response effort and extinction


11/22/17: Troubleshooting: General analysis of problem and objectives, interventions and assessments for creating desirable behavior in the real world

11/29/17:  Troubleshooting problem behavior especially working with aggression

12/6/17: Training trainers and top strategies and memes from throughout the course

1 Week 1 (Oct 15 - Oct 21, 2017)
2 Week 2 (Oct 22 - Oct 28, 2017)
3 Week 3 (Oct 29 - Nov 4, 2017)
4 Week 4 (Nov 5 - Nov 11, 2017)
5 Week 5 (Nov 12 - Nov 18, 2017)
6 Week 6 (Nov 19 - Nov 25, 2017)
7 Week 7 (Nov 26 - Dec 2, 2017)
8 Week 8 (Dec 3 - Dec 9, 2017)
No image uploaded yet. Dr. Jenifer Zeligs
Dr. Jenifer Zeligs, world famous animal trainer and author of Animal Training 101: The complete and practical guide to the art and science of behavior modification, offers her unique and inspiring insight into the world of animal behavior modification with this one-of-a-kind lecture series. Dr. Zeligs has been training animals of all types; domestic and exotic, terrestrial and aquatic, for over 35 years, and teaching animal training at California State University for over 15 years to students from all over the world. Her award-winning teaching is now available to a wider audience through this on-line class experience.
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Andrea Gibb
12/7/2017 4:51 PM
I can completely recommend this course, really thorough, insightful and so very well presented. The pace was perfect, as was the distribution of the topics amongst the lectures. Dr. Jenifer Zeligs is an entertaining and engaging speaker and the video examples were spot-on. Many thanks!

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